Borsika Folk Dance Ensemble

About us

The Borsika Folk Dance Ensemble started its activity in Târgu Mureș in the autumn of 2016, its aim was to teach folk dance for young people. Shortly after being founded, it began teaching about 50 children between 4-8 years old, and since then the number of dancers has reached 150. Children’s folk games, folk songs and folk dance are taught in three groups of the ensemble. Borsika is now considered as one of the ‘supply’ youth groups of the Mureșul Artistic Ensemble, since institutional schooling in Romania does not yet provide professional ensembles with a supply of folk dancers. This task has been left for NGOs, which also justifies the need to found and professionally train the Borsika Folk Dance Ensemble, which contributes to the transmission of Hungarian folk culture and the preservation of its values.

Folk dance is taught by the dancers of the Mureșul Artistic Ensemble, by Zsuzsánna Törzsök and Levente Nagy from the beginning, moreover Szabolcs Kovács from September 2021.

In addition to teaching dance and singing, the leaders of the youth ensemble have also taken on an educational role: they wish to pass on folk traditions and customs to the younger generation through folklore programmes, thematic excursions and camps.

The Borsika Folk Dance Ensemble Association, established in the spring of 2018, supports the activities of the folk dance ensemble through tenders, with the help of which aims to provide necessary equipment, material and technical background for teaching folk dance. From the spring of 2021, the Borsika Folk Dance Ensemble is also a member of The Association of Hungarian Folk Dance from Romania.

Junior group

Middle group

Higher group