Borsika Folk Dance Ensemble

Higher group

This group is made up of the oldest dancers of the Borsika Folk Dance Ensemble, mostly children over the age of 10. It is the most stable group of the Borsika Folk Dance Ensemble, both in terms of headcount and composition, with 90% of the group being children who began folk dancing within Borsika in 2016, as the junior group.

The repertoire of the Borsika Folk Dance Ensemble currently includes dances from several regions: folk dances from the Niraj Valley, Ciucul de Sus, and Voivodeni, and the girls’ group also performs a dance called the ‘Küküllőmenti karikázó’.

The children dancing in the higher group have already shown their skills at several folk dance festivals in Transylvania, at ‘Gyöngykoszorú’ events, at individual or group competitions and recently at an international festival abroad.

Zsuzsánna Törzsök and Szabolcs Kovács are responsible for teaching this group twice a week.

Junior group

Middle group